Astrology All Over the World

Did you know there is more than one astrological system? The zodiac we use in the West is “Western Astrology.” This is the Aries, Libra, Scorpio, etc. zodiac we heard about growing up. I know many of you are skeptical about these esoteric subjects, but if you’re trying to live the cultural life, you need to know that many, many cultures abide by astrology. Can that million people be so completely brainwashed? I would argue not, there has to be some truth to it.

Vedic Astrology – Originates from India. This is one of the first things traditional Indian parents look at when determining marriage compatibility between interested parties. There is South Indian, North Indian, and East Indian styles of reading charts with Indian astrology. If you happen to meet an Indian or Sri Lankan with birth chart reading capabilities (and they do have quite the reputation for it), you are lucky and should definitely go for it. However, delving into Vedic astrology alone can be tough with all the foreign language (i.e. Hindi) intertwined in the results. If that’s not discouraging, try this birth chart calculator and then google each rising sign, moon sign, etc in accordance with vedic astrology.

Chinese Astrology – I know we’ve all heard of “Year of the Monkey” or “Year of the Dragon.” That would be Chinese zodiac. Although I believe the Chinese are very wise, this particular form of Astrology is based solely on the year of birth. Date, time, and location are not factors in this horoscope, unlike Western and Vedic. This means there is a lot more detail in other astrological systems.

Kabbalah – This is based on a mystic form of Judaism. When I looked up my info, it had more of a “spiritual” feel to it. You will definitely encounter terms relating to archangels in the Quran, Bible, and Torah like Michael. Although it requires the full birth date, it does not include time and location. From many past acquaintances in the past, I have noted many Jews have an in-depth knowledge of astrology, similarly as Indians. If you go to some Jewish neighborhoods in New Jersey, such as Englewood, you will see many Jewish-owned astrology and psychic shops. Mercy on your soul Mr. Sale.

I don’t believe in looking at birth charts to “predict” my future, but rather for self-discovery. This is part of my monotheistic faith in the one God. Or, if there is someone who is of interest to me, to get into their head and understand how they may feel or think. My opinion is you should never follow life decisions based on the information provided through astrology.